Naked? At my Age? – A Look at Sex in Later Life

Absolutely!  Of course, as you age your body changes and so does your sex life.  But this DOES NOT mean it’s over!  Far from it.  In fact, sex for those who are past middle age can actually be more exciting than any sex you’ve had before!  How?  The answer is simple: toys, toys and more toys.

Good news:  there is no shortage of sex toys to spice up your sex life and find new ways to explore one another’s bodies, and companies are introducing new toys all the time!  So let’s talk about a couple of common problems and how to solve them.

Sex Toys For Men

1. Men might find as they get older that the same old “boring” routine of being intimate with their partner isn’t really – well to say the least turning them on? It may not mean that their partner isn’t a turn on but possibly the regimented task of being together is not as fun as what it could be – and the less fun it gets the less confident you get. At Luv Vibes we are a mega believer of always introducing new ideas into the bedroom to help spice the relationship up. One of the sexiest ways we believe you can turn your man on is introducing him to a Male Masturbator, and not only introduce it, use it on him. The idea of pleasuring your man with the masturbator will send him wild. Think about what will work the best and decide whether Lips, a Vagina or Anal will be his favourite. Maybe go for the one he has never tried or would like more of. Your daring suggestion will make him feel amazing.

Male Masturbator

Sex Toys for Women

2. Women may feel the same especially when it comes to the loss of sensation: This one has another very simple solution.  Find yourself an awesome vibrator.  Vibrators come in various shapes and sizes to fit all types of bodies.  Some vibrators have a steady pattern and others create different rhythms.  These toys are very versatile and can be inserted into the vagina or used for clitoral stimulation or both!  Vibrators are so easy to use.  Most are small and easy to hold on your clitoris during intercourse which drastically increases your pleasure.  Go shopping with your partner (even if it’s just online shopping) and choose a few that look interesting to try out.  It might take a couple of tries to find what’s right for you, but when you do you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried them before!


Pair these two ideas together and “Voila” you have a night (and many more) of extravagant orgasms and feeling confident with one another – especially NAKED!   These are just a couple of excellent toys for sex after middle age.  There are so many other ways to explore you and your partners’ bodies and bring back those sexy feelings you thought you’d never have again.  Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Trust us, it’s totally worth it!


A Look at Sex in Later Life